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Mac or PC… What Are the Main Differences?

A common question that we find we are asked regularly is “What is the different between a Mac and a PC – and which one is more suitable for a business?”. We have highlighted below some of the main differences to be taken into consideration. Design Apple is known for the sleek design of their […]

5 Key Reasons to Outsource Your IT Support

Cost The average annual salary of an in-house IT Manager can be anywhere between £30,000 to £40,000 per annum. Added to this are costs for recruitment, additional company benefits and on-going training to keep their skills up to date. It can also be really difficult to find the right people! For most smaller businesses, an in-house […]

The 8 Most Common IT Issues for Businesses

In todays day and age, businesses spend their time communicating with other businesses and we know how common it is for a virus to travel from one to another. Here are the most common IT Issues we see in businesses who don’t have suitable IT Support in place: Spyware Infections Spyware is the most common issue […]

Why You NEED IT Support!

It doesn’t come as a surprise to the Omnicom team at just how many up and coming businesses don’t see the need to have IT support in place. A recent survey showed that 27% of SMEs had no IT support in place, however we think the number could be a little higher. Some people view support […]

Should Your Business Be On The Cloud?

With the increase of using and relying on data there is an ever increasing need to access it. Businesses like you don’t just need to use data for safe keeping anymore, data drives everyday key decisions, strategy and operations. Many businesses are witnessing the successes as well as the financial savings of using the cloud- but is it […]

6 Steps to Switching IT Support Providers

Are you currently unhappy with your IT Support Provider but you wouldn’t know where to start in terms of switching? Struggle no more- read our guide below! Review Your Contract Check the conditions of your contract with your current IT support provider to prevent being caught out with any notice periods which prevent you making the switch. […]

Maximise Cyber Protection In the Workplace

Cyber attacks are becoming more common in growing businesses, but we can offer many solutions to aid prevention and keep your team safe online. Prevention While we encourage  you place suitable measures in place to prevent and minimise damage should disaster strike, no solution is ever 100% secure. For this reason, we recommend that all […]

5 Reasons Why You NEED to Outsource Your IT Support

Have you ever thought about whether or not you should keep IT in house or whether it would be more viable to outsource it? Read more here… 1. Reduction in Staff Wages An IT Manager has an average annual salary in the region of £30,000- £50,000 per annum. In addition to that, recruiting them and finding the […]

A – Z of Internet Safety

As a Supporter of Safer Internet Day 2017, we’ve put together an A-Z of our top internet safety tips and uncover the meanings of some buzzwords you might not even know exist. For further details on how to keep yourself and others safe online, or to see how OmniCom provide this, we’d be more than happy […]

Phishing Warning for North East Schools

Education establishments have recently been receiving phishing calls from fraudsters who claim to be from the Department of Education. They typically ask for personal details such as the email addresses and phone numbers of either the head teacher or business manager/financial administrator. They use the argument that they need to send over details of a […]

Are Wireless Networks Putting You at Risk?

The handy WiFi at your local Starbucks may seem like a convenience, after all, you’re only checking in to Facebook and choosing the best filter for your Instagram-able coffee, but do you really know the risks of using public wireless networks and free hotspots? Free WiFi is often used as an incentive in places such […]

Introducing Complete School Networking

Schools’ WiFi has come a long way since we completed our first installation about 15 years ago. Back then, the network was primarily used for teacher access, speeds were 11Mb at best and iPad’s were just a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ eye. Speeds have now climbed to the point where we can now guarantee 200Mb […]