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Ava’s Latest Pupdate

If you read our last Guide Dog update you’ll know that unfortunately, Zeb didn’t make it through his basic training and had to hang up his collar early. Despite this, he seems to be thoroughly enjoying retired life and is currently on holiday with experienced puppy boarder, Mike. He’s learned to swim and loves long […]

7 Tips to Improve Your PC Speed

Whether you’re situated in an office or out and about, a slow PC can be a huge annoyance at the best of times. Chances are, you rely heavily on your PC on a daily basis and nothing slows down a business’s performance and productivity than computers that aren’t up to speed. Follow our 7 top […]

Guide Dog Update

For the past year, we’ve been sponsoring one of Guide Dog UK’s lovely pups; Zeb and giving you regular updates on his training progress. Although he has been showing great promise, Zeb has recently been showing signs of nervousness when out with his trainer. His puppy supervisor has been working hard to increase his confidence […]

The Future of e-Safeguarding

OmniCom places a huge importance on e-Safety, and more recently e-Safeguarding in schools. Although the two are similar in some respects, e-Safeguarding covers more of the topics that we face in the 21st century (and in a greater detail). Often, e-Safety is defined as the safe and responsible use of technology, including use of the […]

Top 10 Office 2016 Features

Over the past few version updates, Microsoft has slowly been polishing their flagship software suite, offering a wealth of methods to collaborate and share across different platforms. The many enhancements mean you might not always get the most out of the Office 2016 update, so we’ve pulled together the best features to help you along. […]

Chalk and Talk

OmniCom tries to periodically give you updates on trends and innovations in ICT and the area of Interactive Whiteboards seems to be one that we’ve never touched upon until now that is… A brief history I can well remember the trailblazing demos we used to perform across the North-East demonstrating a radical new product called an Interactive […]

How’s Zeb?

As of June last year we’ve been supporting Guide Dogs UK and helping out by sponsoring one of their pups in training. We’ve been lucky enough to have been matched with Zeb – you can read about his training so far here. In our third pupdate, we’ve found Zeb to be settling in very well […]

Managed Print Solutions

I must start with a confession, in the past when I’ve looked at a school’s printing costs I’ve zeroed in on photocopiers supplied by salesmen wearing suede coats and trilbies. It has therefore come as a bit of a revelation to me to find that by far the biggest costs are incurred in classroom printing and these […]

6 Top Tips to Save Your IT Budget

With 2015 drawing to a close and the New Year on the horizon, there’s only one thing on people’s minds – what’s my New Year’s resolution? Saving money is always a popular response and OmniCom understands the need for you to receive the best, most cost-effective services possible. With our 6 Top Tips, you’ll be […]

E-Safety from OmniCom

With millions of children starting back to school over the past few weeks, new research from Internet Matters shows that an average of 65% of 8-11-year-olds owns a smartphone and nearly 1/4 of parents allow their children to take their phone to school. The North East proved to be the highest with 90.5% of children owning […]

Zeb’s Second Pupdate!

Have you already met our sponsored guide dog, Zeb? Here’s our second Pupdate: We’ve received our second information pack and can’t believe how much he’s grown since the last time we saw him. Since last time him, Zeb has been out for plenty walks with his walker, Jim and has grown quite attached to his favourite […]

Choosing A Projector

Choosing your whiteboard’s perfect partner needn’t be a stressful or time consuming procedure. Our knowledge and expertise means we can recommend the best projector based on the room and your requirements; however OmniCom believe you too should be educated on the reasons behind our choices.   DLP v LCD. Good quality projection is more than […]