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iPads – the Next Step.

You’ve made the big step, you’ve bought the iPads you need at present and you’ve probably got somewhere secure to store and recharge them. If you’ve used OmniCom for the setup you’ll have a VPP (Volume Purchasing program) to purchase Apps from the App store and you’ll be using Meraki to keep them automatically updated. […]

Code Club

Learning to code and understanding the processes involved is now an important skill to have, especially for youngsters growing up in an environment where technology thrives. Not only should children understand how to use technology, but also how it works and how it can be built up. Coding strengthens problem-solving and logical thinking skills, useful […]

Leasing Update

Delivering first rate IT and support across schools in the North East means here at OmniCom, we’re serious about offering our customers a wide portfolio of IT solutions to suit their specific and personal needs; one reason for introducing our leasing scheme. Leasing currently plays a large part of our educational business, allowing any school […]

Tablet Update

Of late, tablets in their multiple forms have taken the IT world by storm, whether it’s due to their practicality, functionality or versatility. Over the past 12 months, we’ve noticed a massive increase in the use of iPads, especially in schools which can provide a completely different and very unique learning experience. Tablets or Not? […]

Launch of New Website

The Durham based IT support firm, OmniCom launches it brand new website today to showcase the key IT services and products that have launched the company into securing a market leading share of IT contracts across schools and business in the North East.  OmniCom, based in Durham and headed up by Paul Tomlinson, currently supplies […]

OmniCom Team to the Rescue

The OmniCom team based in Durham have come to the rescue of the Ban Wai School football team in Northern Thailand on the Laos border with a shipment of custom made football strips. Paul Tomlinson, the owner of OmniCom, could not ignore his son Matthew – who had been working as a volunteer English teacher […]

Three Ways IT is Changing Education

Every few years we hear of a big shake-up to the education system, whether it be a change in examination routines, a re-jig of the curriculum, or maybe some ‘shocking’ new stats about the increasing use of technology in the classroom. Recently, it has been argued that an increased reliance on technology and the ability […]

Four Reasons to Move to the Cloud

For the past five years, the buzz phrase ‘cloud computing’ has slowly been gathering pace. In simple terms, cloud computing is the transfer of computer programs and applications from your device to the internet. All calculations, processes etc. are no longer carried out on your device, but remotely – or in other words, ‘in the […]