networking cables

In today’s on-line age a fast/secure connection to the internet is a basic requirement no matter the size of your business or its nature. Whether its on-line banking, on-line ordering or complete cloud based IT your business’ connection to the internet is a fundamental part of your business’ infrastructure.


As many businesses now rely heavily on online forms of communication, broadband is a fundamental utility for most businesses. We’re able to offer a full range of broadband services from ADSL, through ADSL2+ up to Fibre and Cable.

Our service is fully turn-key, offering the whole broadband package from line ordering, router configuration, through to commissioning and integrating with your existing IT systems.


Wide-area network support has always been an issue for most ISPs unless costly enhance ‘support’ is purchased. With OmniCom, remote support is included as standard, detecting line outages and liasing with 3rd part suppliers in support of fault resolution.

Customised Filtering

Keeping staff on track and regulating browsing is a key requirement in today’s office. OmniCom’s filtering can be configured specifically for a user or group of users and by time of day (i.e. open up browsing at lunchtime).

Secure Connectivity

All of our business broadband solutions can be enhanced with a Sonicwall Firewall for added protection. Filtering out malicious access attempts allied with Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus add ons.

Secure Remote Access

All Sonicwall’s are shipped with secure remote access connections (VPN’s) allowing mobile/remote access for designated staff or between sites

Quality ISP Provision

We use leading providers depending on the availability in your area – A. BT, ADSL and Fibre. B. Virgin Media and Cable. C. Leased Line and EFM.


OmniCom’s broadband solution is regularly market tested to ensure competitive pricing.

We can offer a free quotation service simply by filling this form in. Or, for a more in depth overview of the broadband service we can provide call us today on (0191) 386 6222