Supporting the North East

As a North East business, we understand the importance of supporting other organisations and place a huge importance on assisting local charities wherever possible. We readily attend charity events and sponsor a number of bodies to aid the North East in becoming a prosperous and successful place to work and live.

Live Theatre.

The Live Theatre, based on Newcastle’s Quayside, was founded in 1973 with the aim to attract new audiences for accessible work within a friendly and informal theatre space. The establishment is recognised as one of the greatest new writing theatres on the international stage, offering everything from world-class theatre, stand-up comedy and live theatre. Based within five Grade II listed buildings, the Live Theatre creates a unique atmosphere with an intimate feel.

Writer, Lee Hall, whose plays Billy Elliot and The Pitmen Painters were first produced at Live Theatre describes the organisation as ‘British Theatre’s best kept secret.’

In 2014, Live theatre announced LiveWorks – a £10 million development to purchase and develop quayside-fronter land and buildings, to create new commercial space, public park and a children’s and young people’s writing centre.

Durham Miners Gala.

More than 150,000 people march in Britain’s biggest celebration of trade union and community values each year. Throughout the 144 year history, Durham Miners’ Gala has given a voice to the oppressed and expressed the importance of trade unionism, the duty to look after each-other and the desire to build a society where wealth is created for the common good. Most importantly, the Gala pays tribute to the region’s past as part of a living movement, which desires to build a better future.

OmniCom is part of The Friends of the Durham Miners’ Gala and aim to bring together a group of people that help to support the Gala financially and secures the long-term future of the commemoration.

Durham Cathedral.

OmniCom are very proud to be Friends of Durham Cathedral, an independent charity which has been one of the greatest supporters of Durham Cathedral since 1933. Along with 3,000 other members from all over the world, our sponsorship means we continue helping to support and maintain our city’s 900-year-old Cathedral.

Guide Dogs for the Blind.

We’ve been supporting Guide Dogs for the Blind by sponsoring one of their pup’s through training. We’ve chosen Ava and regularly blog about her progress here. It’s a fantastic way to see just how our support can really make a difference to someone’s life.