Code Club

Learning to code and understanding the processes involved is now an important skill to have, especially for youngsters growing up in an environment where technology thrives. Not only should children understand how to use technology, but also how it works and how it can be built up. Coding strengthens problem-solving and logical thinking skills, useful for any future career.

This is why OmniCom recently attended a launch meeting of Code Club ( ); a nationwide network of free volunteer-led after-school coding club for children aged 9-11. Although not exclusive to this age category, the program aims to inspire children to build and share ideas through the use of making computer games, animations and website designs.


The process is simple and as follows: –

  • 1. A school acts as a location and provides a single teacher.


  • 2. The club typically lasts for a term, with 1 hour sessions being provided either during lunchtimes or after school.


  • 3. A volunteer comes into the school to deliver the computing content, primarily around Scratch then later Python, HTML and CSS.


Volunteers are drawn from IT companies around the local area who are prepared to give up some of their time and have some experience in coding. Currently at OmniCom, we have 4 members of staff who are all DBS cleared and are more than willing to volunteer.

Not only does this fantastic opportunity show how committed OmniCom are to primary education, but also how serious we are about supporting computing in the curriculum.


If you’re interesting in either hosting a code club, or just want further details, feel free to get in touch by giving us a call on – 0191 375 1973.


Happy coding!!