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All businesses will realise the lost time, productivity and profitability that any IT problems (no matter how small) can cause. A free IT health check from OmniCom won’t eliminate all future problems, but it will highlight any problems or bottlenecks you currently have. Armed with your Health Check Report you’ll be able to make informed decisions on your future direction of IT as well as evaluating the systems you already have in place.

How do we do the checks?

  • Initial Site Visit
    • Health Check Questionnaire
    • IT Audit
    • Load Monitoring Agents
  • Analysis
    • Check Agents’ Reports
    • Check Events Logs
  • Report
    • Compare Questionnaire Responses against Findings
  • Final Site Visit
    • Present Findings
    • Any other actions

What do we check?

  • Server Health Check
    • Capacity Check
    • Event Logs
    • MS-Exchange, MS-SQL (if applicable)
    • Power Outage and Surge protection
  • PC/Laptop Health Check
    • Capacity Check
    • Event Logs
  • Network Infrastructure Assessment
  • General IT Systems
    • Anti Virus/Anti Spam evaluation
    • Microsoft Licensing Check
    • Backup Analysis

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This service is provided by OmniCom entirely free of charge and without obligation. OmniCom’s Free IT Health Check is entirely non-intrusive and we guarantee that no changes will be made to your systems or their configuration.