How’s Zeb?

As of June last year we’ve been supporting Guide Dogs UK and helping out by sponsoring one of their pups in training. We’ve been lucky enough to have been matched with Zeb – you can read about his training so far here.

In our third pupdate, we’ve found Zeb to be settling in very well with his walkers, Jim and Hazel. He’s been interacting with others a lot more in recent months, especially on public transport. Buses and trains are Zeban important way of getting around, especially those who suffer with sight loss, and the possible distractions don’t seem to faze Zeb at all.

Zeb has also been introduced to a regular routine. He gets taken to the docks and a local primary school at least twice a week to help him get used to different noises and smells. The school children love meeting a puppy with such as special job and Zeb loves the attention! Most importantly, it’s proving how calm and well-behaved he can be too.

His walkers, Jim, Hazel and their children all take turns in walking Zeb and it’s crucial that he gets used to different handlers. His future owner could be any height or walk at any speed so it’s important not to get used to one particular person.

Zeb has been described by his trainers as “obedient, happy-go-lucky with a little bit of cheekiness – just a normal dog!”. His Puppy Walking Supervisor says Zeb is spot on in terms of his training. We can’t wait to see how he’s getting on in our next update.


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