iPad Management and MDM

The development of technology in recent years has resulted in a surge of tablets, taking the IT world by storm.
Their practicality, functionality and versatility means they’re ideal for both schools and businesses alike.

We’ve purchased and deployed thousands of Apple iPads over the last few years and now have a secure knowledge of how the devices work and how to make the most out of them.
However the explosion has resulted with its own headache and questions.

How do we secure these devices? How can we buy and deploy Apps? How do we manage their use?

The answer is simple:- Meraki & VPP.

Our cloud based iPad management system has so far, been deployed in schools around the North East and has secured 1000’s of iPads and Android devices.

We’ve seen first hand the benefit that using Meraki can provide.


iPads are ‘enrolled’ onto the Meraki system by an OmniCom Technician and this allows all iPads to be monitored, tracked and maintained in a central location.
Meraki also allows the user to set restrictions on the iPads. Such things as Camera, Safari and App Store can be disabled for security purposes. iPads can have their location tracked – with the ability to lock, remotely wipe or display a message on any iPad(s) which aren’t where they should be. Meraki allows you to keep on top of your iPad inventory and has the ability to produce a full audit with a few clicks.


The Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is a service provided by Apple specifically for Education customers. Essentially it’s an extension of the standard Apple App Store, but allows for bulk buying of apps. It integrates seamlessly with Meraki and the paid apps are installed much the same way as free apps.
The registration process is fairly simple and straightforward, although it will need some participation at various stages by a nominated person at the school – usually the business manager or head teacher. There will also need to be a payment method attached to the VPP account.

Complete School Support customers receive Meraki and the set up completely free of charge.
Not a CSS customer? You can still benefit from Meraki!

Simply request a quotation and let us know how many devices you’d like to use with the system and we’ll do the rest.

We’re also introducing Apple Serv!
Software is downloaded onto your existing Curriculum Server that ensures downloads and updates of Apps onto your device don’t saturate your Wi-Fi network, which makes it appear slow and sluggish.

Want more information? Request a quotation or download our Apple Serv PDF.

Expertise on tap! OmniCom’s service meets our needs and then some! Our visiting technician is great and the rest of the team are at the end of the phone when we need them. All of our requests are dealt with swiftly and professionally. Their depth of knowledge and efficient service allows us to get on with our jobs without worrying about IT – just the way it should be.

Helen Lonsdale