Maximise Cyber Protection In the Workplace

Cyber attacks are becoming more common in growing businesses, but we can offer many solutions to aid prevention and keep your team safe online.


While we encourage  you place suitable measures in place to prevent and minimise damage should disaster strike, no solution is ever 100% secure. For this reason, we recommend that all of our business clients should have an incident response policy. This details what you should do if you think there has been a cyber attack and how to report the issue to us.


The majority of cyber attacks require a human action to help it execute. Its critical that you educate your team in order for them to understand the key “do’s” and “dont’s”. Examples of this could be opening a malicious email attachment or downloading a corrupt file from the internet.

Work With Experts

Here at Omnicom, we help all of our clients to identify and assess the risks they are vulnerable to- and put in place the correct measures to minimise risk!

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