Zeb – Our Newest Team Member

If you’re a follower of our Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen an unfamiliar furry face on our feed. We’ve recently sponsored a gorgeous 6 week old Labrador pup, Zeb who’ll be part of a training programme to become a guide dog. We’ve sponsored Zeb in order to help change someone’s life, allowing them the freedom to get out and about without being dependent on friends, family or carers.

Our sponsorship fees go towards the payment of every step of puppy training, from the very first days with a walker, to advanced training on the roads and eventually being matched with an owner.Zeb

Over the next 20 months of training, we’ll be receiving regular pupdates on Zeb’s training progress and what he’s getting up to, so do keep an eye out on our blog as well as Facebook and Twitter for more pictures!

We’re very excited to be welcoming Zeb as part of the team alongside our resident Retriever, Max and can’t wait to see how he’s getting on.


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