6 Top Tips to Save Your IT Budget

With 2015 drawing to a close and the New Year on the horizon, there’s only one thing on people’s minds – what’s my New Year’s resolution? Saving money is always a popular response and OmniCom understands the need for you to receive the best, most cost-effective services possible.

With our 6 Top Tips, you’ll be amazed at the savings you can make.


Be Prepared.

Check them out. Whether you’re choosing a whole new IT provider or simply just looking for a new supplier, be sure to view the business’ testimonials and reviews. These can often be found on their website, otherwise, sites such as www.edugeek.net are great for IT related services.

Evaluate. It’s also important to evaluate the market. Research different solutions, what they can offer and ensure prices remain competitive. Unless you know what others are offering, it’s difficult to tell if you’re getting a good deal. Well-known names may need a little looking into; they aren’t always as reliable as you initially thought.


Do Your Research.

Do they know their stuff? For bigger orders make sure the supplier knows your site well. Ensure they have visited the site prior to installation and have conducted any site surveys relevant to the job. All equipment supplied from OmniCom is installed by trained technicians and OmniCom itself is CHAS registered to ensure safe working practices.

Don’t rush orders! Request quotations and compare what you’re getting for your money. Hidden charges such as installation and delivery can be costly so it’s vital to know exactly what you’re paying for. OmniCom’s online quotation system allows you to change quantities, remove goods, ask questions and then digitally order to reduce your paperwork and speed up the procurement process.

Try before you buy. Also be aware of providers that only offer extended agreements. This option may be cheaper, but it’s important to ensure the service will be something you consistently need and will be satisfied with. Depending on your needs, we offer contract lengths from 12 months to 5 years and can even offer free trials to try before you buy.


Organise Your Payments.

Consider leasing. This option means you could avoid a large disruption to your annual cash flow, as this significantly reduces the blow to your budget compared to purchasing outright. Leasing is ideal for IT related purchases as technology can either become obsolete or need replacing by the time the lease is complete.



For more details on how OmniCom can help save your IT budget, contact us today, give us a call on (0191) 386 6222 or easily request a quotation.